Powerful transformation and natural chelator


Fulvic acid, in the form of concentrated and completely soluble powdered organic matter, stands out as an exceptional product that revitalizes soils comprehensively. Its positive impact encompasses the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil, providing notable benefits for plant growth.


  • Advanced Chelation:
  • Powerful Rooter.
  • Efficient Nutrient Assimilation.
  • Perfection of Physical-Chemical-Biological Properties of the Soil.
  • It exhibits a high cation chelation power, facilitating the absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Moisture Retention.
  • Prevents the formation of cracks in the soil and prevents root suffocation, maintaining a healthy environment.
  • It promotes soil aeration and porosity, creating ideal conditions for root development.
  • Soil Salinity Optimization.
  • Reduction of Soil Compaction.
  • Stimulus of Soil Microbiological Activity.
  • Facilitates the transport of nutrients from the soil to the roots and foliage, optimizing absorption.
  • Improves the assimilable availability of essential nutrients for vigorous growth.

Ammonia Fixation and Nitrogen Loss Reduction:

  • It acts as an ammonia fixer, reducing nitrogen loss and improving nutritional efficiency.

Increased Permeability of Cellular Membranes:

  • Increases the permeability of cell membranes, stimulating crucial metabolic processes.

Accelerated Penetration of Systemic Products:

  • Accelerates the penetration of systemic products, improving the effectiveness of agricultural treatments.

Effective and Fast Nutrition:

  • Stimulation of Root and General Growth of Plants:

Greater and Better Vegetative Growth:

  • Promotes superior vegetative growth, generating stronger and more resistant plants.
  • Early Maturity and Biomass Expansion:
  • It grants precocity in the maturity of plants and expands the accumulation of biomass, increasing yield.
  • Improvement of the Size, Number and Weight of Fruits.
  • Improved Crops with Quality.
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