• Sustainability: Contributes to more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

  • Efficiency: Optimizes water and nutrient retention, improving efficiency in the use of resources.

  • Healthy growth: Stimulates plant growth and improves microbial activity in the soil.


A concentrated and humified plant mineral compound that redefines excellence in soil improvement! Our leonardite is an exceptionally rich source of humic and fulvic acids, designed to boost the health and productivity of your crops on all levels: physical, chemical and biological.

Leonardite is formed when plant remains are buried at a certain depth, leading to a gradual increase in humic substances. This process is driven by the infiltration of rainwater and the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. Leonardite, being located between peat and lignite, exhibits unique properties that make it a valuable resource for various applications, especially in the improvement of agricultural soils.


  • Spongy structural rehabilitation that reduces soil compaction.
  • Improvement of soil aeration and porosity, promoting an environment conducive to root development.
  • Efficient retention of up to 30% water.
  • Stimulation of root growth.
  • It helps reduce the need for mineral fertilizers in the soil, optimizing plant nutrition.
  • Improvement of quality and size of agricultural products.
  • It positively impacts the quality and size of the harvested agricultural products.
  • Acceleration of the vegetative cycle:
  • Improvement of physical-chemical-biological properties of the soil.
  • Improvement of soil salinity.
  • Increases brix degrees.
  • It exhibits a high cation chelation power, facilitating the availability of nutrients for plants.
  • Increases cation exchange.