Sustainable Agriculture with the Essence of Leonardite.

The Humycro line, composed of organic-mineral fertilizers, fuses the richness of Leonardite from the Carabaza Group with the benefits of superphosphates and minerals from the HIFOS Group. Designed to address specific needs of sustainable agriculture in diverse soils, this family of products offers comprehensive solutions.

Key Features:

Pure Leonardite: Uses leonardite as a basic raw material, a concentrated and humified solid organic matter, derived from the ancient flora and fauna of the earth.
Humic Substances: Leonardite provides essential humic substances, comprehensively improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.
Sustainable Agriculture: Designed to promote agricultural sustainability, the Humycro line specifically addresses the characteristics of different soil types.

Boost Your Soil, Elevate Your Crop


Humycro 357,a granulated or compacted organic-mineral fertilizer, has been specifically designed for crops in acidic soils. Its unique formula includes fulvic and humic acids from Leonardite, along with phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, silicon, zinc, boron, and additional micronutrients.

Featured Features:

  • Improves Acidic Soils: Ideal for crops in acidic soils, acting as an improver to optimize growing conditions.
  • Complete Formula: Contains a balanced mix of essential nutrients to boost healthy plant development.
  • Nutritional Efficiency: Enhances the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, reducing costs and improving the overall productivity of the crop.
Transforms Alkaline Soils into Fertile Lands


Humycro 777, a granulated or compacted organic-mineral fertilizer, has been designed as an effective soil amendment for alkaline soils. With fulvic acids, humic acids from Leonardite, phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon, sulfur, iron, zinc, boron, and additional micronutrients, this complete formula is a vital source of nutrients and activator for crops established in alkaline soils.

Key Features

  • Improves Alkaline Soils: Transforms alkaline soils into environments conducive to the growth of crops, acting as a powerful soil improver.
  • Complete Formula: Contains a balanced combination of essential nutrients to promote healthy plant development.
  • Activates Productive Formulations: Enhances the effectiveness of productive formulations, improving nutrient availability and maximizing performance.
Powerful Solution for Alkaline Soils


Humycro Ferroso, a granulated or compacted organic-mineral fertilizer, has been designed as an effective soil amendment for strongly alkaline conditions. With fulvic and humic acids derived from Leonardite, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, zinc, boron, and other micronutrients, this complete formula acts as a vital source of nutrients and enhancer for crops in problematic soils.

Key Features:

  • Alkalinity Solution: Specially formulated to address alkalinity issues in soils, improving conditions for crop growth.
  • Complete Formula: Contains a balanced blend of fulvic acids, essential nutrients, and micronutrients to nourish and activate crops.
  • Productivity Enhancer: Activates and enhances productive formulations, maximizing nutrient efficiency and optimizing yield.
Powerful Nutrition, Easy Application.


Humycro PK Liquid, a liquid organic-mineral fertilizer, has been created for efficient application through drip irrigation or foliar spraying.

Essential Composition:

  • Fulvic and Humic Acids: Derived from Leonardite, they provide essential benefits for the soil and the plant.
  • Phosphorus and Potassium: Key elements to promote healthy crop development and production.

This liquid formula offers an effective and convenient solution to nourish your crops, facilitating application in different irrigation systems.

Discover in Humycro PK Liquid a practical way to provide your crops with the balanced nutrition they need for optimal growth and abundant harvests.