Technical specifications HUMIYOUNG Humicorriza

Granulated organic fertilizer.

It is a product based on organic matter. Rich in humic and fulvic acids. The product provides N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S, Si and micronutrients with Fe, Zn, Mm Cu and B. Additionally, it is enriched with mycorrizal fungi.

HUMIYOUNG is a product that is used in base fertilization, like an organic fertilizer. That the combination of organic components and mycorrhizal fungi optimizes the nutrition of the crop.
The birth is even, the plant develops with excellent vigor.

In addition to being friendly to the environment since it is not a polluting product, it improves the microbial activity of the soil, promoting beneficial microorganisms for the crop.

HUMIYOUNG is applied at the base of the furrow like any fertilizer.
The applied dose of HUMIYOUNG depends on the type of soil and environmental conditions. But in all cases it improves the nutrition of the plant.

HUMIYOUNG being a granulated product, its application is easy. Upon reaching the soil and making contact with water, it begins to work, releasing nutrients and in turn stimulating the mineralizing microbiota to release the nutrients that HUMIYOUNG contains.

It is not toxic.

It should be stored in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended that it not be exposed directly to the sun.